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13GB5yhT - mejl web   17:28:21 2.1.2017 - [1] - reaguj

Yeah! Don't these interfering Westerners know the rules? They are allowed to say whatever they like about Israel and interfere as much as possible in her internal affairs. But criticize a Palestinian? That'll get you beaten up & exotcmunimaced!

dCe2VDO7N7C - mejl web   17:38:33 2.1.2017 - [2] - reaguj

Orange is my power color and all my underwear is orsu.e.g.jnat kidding. About the underwear that is. Although, wouldn't orange briefs be fun?I love your pattern mixing, both fabrics have the same value and it works here. I just love that dress too.I'm almost had an orangasm just while visiting your blog!

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What a great resource this text is.

0Byiu4DqMPke - mejl web   07:23:31 3.1.2017 - [4] - reaguj

Have a good time and enjoy your journey Yara! You so deserved it. :) Have fun!love,IerP.S. Where did you get those cute electric blue name tags for your suitcase? They're adorable!

b4R6AEEIX7 - mejl web   08:32:30 3.1.2017 - [5] - reaguj

A piece of erudition unlike any other!

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You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful articles.

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Created the greatest articles, you have.

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Good Morning Cindy,This is such a cute novelty idea! And there goes the imagination again.’If we could only find a way to lengthen these 24 hour days. Sure isn’t time to get bored! My Christmas list has shortened over the years but now there is another list (polymer to do list) getting longer and longer. YAH! Thanks to you and our clay family her at the blog… Happy day to you and yours.

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xBWqhDqAY1G5 - mejl web   13:15:06 3.1.2017 - [10] - reaguj

Your post has moved the debate forward. Thanks for sharing!

t07cwNM7r6hy - mejl web   14:13:13 3.1.2017 - [11] - reaguj

city lights taking away the twinkle then they can and do find ways to camp at any age. So, are you too old for camping – Never. Written by Louie Allen on October 4,

p7aTtCyQmS4z - mejl web   16:51:35 3.1.2017 - [12] - reaguj

Nice..but why would you should it off during/after a workout…penis’ shrink during workouts due to the fact that blood rushes to the exercised parts of the body…

9U1Q8Ha0oD - mejl web   22:30:28 3.1.2017 - [13] - reaguj

Hey, that's a clever way of thinking about it.

0EV1nyy9 - mejl web   22:51:20 3.1.2017 - [14] - reaguj

This is what we need – an insight to make everyone think

NBEia4TZYCLA - mejl web   23:37:35 3.1.2017 - [15] - reaguj

We love you Janel!! I feel so lucky to have randomly found you. I must have relaly good Karma. You are an amazing photographer and artist (not many people are both). I never realized how much fun a photo session could be. We were so comfortable with you and your direction helped tremendously. I am so excited you’re shooting our wedding in Italy next year. By the way you are worth every penny.

sLfuqCJdeS - mejl web   00:28:04 4.1.2017 - [16] - reaguj

No good charity shops here, but i make sure i make up at the road-side cheap stalls!You look so pretty here Vix, with those cute clips and your big smile!:)Love,

CIVcLXm3faf - mejl web   05:01:10 4.1.2017 - [17] - reaguj

That's really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

O633dHuwtV - mejl web   06:51:11 4.1.2017 - [18] - reaguj

that it feels weird not hav­ing to walk on eggshells all the time any­more. It becomes some­thing you do nat­u­rally, and it is very sur­pris­ing when you dis­cover that you are allowed thoughts and opin­ions and choices and stuff like that! I hope you’re doing okay Zoe, and hope this com­ment gets through (I’ve tried a cou­ple of times already and it went funny!) Hugs!! xxx

0k5XvCoEME - mejl web   08:05:45 4.1.2017 - [19] - reaguj

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

jSsN6HYwk5C - mejl web   08:35:32 4.1.2017 - [20] - reaguj

Aclaro que dije k si son de boca son unas mamis lo dije por que hablan sin saber de mi equipo de mi alma y por que no tienen nocion de futbol si quieren opinar vallan a comentar a la pagina de utilisima !!! aja Deje un comentarioNombre (requerido)Email(requerido)Web

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Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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This article keeps it real, no doubt.

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The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

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I hate my life but at least this makes it bearable.

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I just finished reading your ENTIRE blog (at work), going all the way back to 2008! It's taken me several weeks now and, quite frankly, I'm all worn out. Never “worked” so hard in all my life. Might just have to take a day off to truly savor all the amazing stuff that you've introduced me to. Thanks for all your hard work and impeccable taste. I'm looking forward to what tomorrow might bring! Serious kudos.

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An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who had been doing a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me lunch because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this subject here on your blog.

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emily and i have both donated to pantene beautiful lengths!!ugh, my poor camera has dust on it!! i need to get crackin' on the christmas card pics already!!little boy snuggles are the best! but it does make me miss having a baby. (this factory is closed though!)have a wonderful weekend! enjoy every second!

cIugZJmO2 - mejl web   20:47:03 4.1.2017 - [30] - reaguj

That heartiste post was idiotic. The super-rich do not lean Dem. Some folks on the right promote that idea, but it just isn't true (read any political scientist who studies the topic, like Andrew Gelman or Larry Bartels). And cable channels are bundled because the real cost is cable infrastructure, not providing a marginal channel. MSNBC, as the name suggests, is part of a much larger conglomerate with plenty of money to spare, you're unlikely to starve it to death. And it's not like the left was all that weak before MSNBC!

bSYuW4CPMMlM - mejl web   20:47:52 4.1.2017 - [31] - reaguj

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This is what we need – an insight to make everyone think

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It's much easier to understand when you put it that way!

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oh, you have your Just So Hoppy set, lucky girl! This is most adorable, they actually look like their holding hands! Perfection! You are so good, gf! Love the yoyo yellow too, lol! Very inspiring and super cute!

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Hey, you're the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

XG3bjDe1K2 - mejl web   04:31:12 5.1.2017 - [39] - reaguj

Based on the NY Times story, it wouldn’t have mattered if people could carry guns on the Ohio State campus. The incident occurred in the early morning and in a maintenance area, a place and time that wouldn’t have had many people present. If the murdered man had had a gun with him all he probably could have done was kill his killer in turn, and that only if he carried the gun on him at all times. (Besides the killer could have shot him in the back.)If you just think a little bit…; yes, I know the wingnuts don’t think.

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I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enthralling!

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Stay with this guys, you're helping a lot of people.

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No more s***. All posts of this quality from now on

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Thanks for the nice comment about the fireplace! I’m still feeling a lot of guilt for changing something original to the home but it was the right decision for us in the long run. As to Ikea — they do ship but their shipping costs are crazy – it can sometimes almost double the price of an item. So to each, their own — we will definitely probably be Ikea-free-to-be-you-and-me for the next five years I bet. Cheers – CT

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PFqAES3M31 - mejl web   10:49:12 5.1.2017 - [47] - reaguj

In 2 Corinthians St. Paul preaches a sermon where he comments that King David was “faithful to his generation.” I wonder what will be written about the Christian leaders of today? Bad theology has bad consequences; always has, always will.

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Now I feel stupid. That's cleared it up for me

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by the BBC. Should Romney ever pressure the UK over his incarceration our Media will howl over his support for a perceived racist. Note to the EDL anything any member of the EDL does will be highlighted to make it seem 100× worse. You need to be perfect citizens, even and perhaps especially when you are getting pummeled by the so called anti facists. Think Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Video tape everything from multiple viewpoints and get it out anyway you can.

lduo6PNQ3iha - mejl web   21:44:48 5.1.2017 - [58] - reaguj

Kaneganese,I thinks „relinquished sovereignty“ is the wrong word as it implies that Korea had clear, accepted and unchallenged sovereignty over the Liancourt Rocks. Something like „did not assert sovereignty“ would be better.

Y8jB9ndJ - mejl web   22:02:06 5.1.2017 - [59] - reaguj

This tragety . Must stop, This even exits here in the U.S.But, people are so blind to it!! ( Wake UP )!! It’s Your Child as well as mine…….Thank you Somaly Mum……

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No matter vich party ve belong to, ve are all politicians! Ve haf one thing in common… Nussing vill interfere with our revenue streams…and easy to stop, just vote Libz.

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H1vQ94Mg - mejl web   15:54:20 7.1.2017 - [91] - reaguj

AntiEussr, “Europe won’t break down before the US does.”Both are headed over the cliff. There is little comfort in knowing who impacts the ground first. Both US and EU political systems are dysfunctional, the financial breakdown is just an indication of failed economic governance. It just goes to show, the “illuminati”/”elites” (if you believe in such) are no better than the corrupt idiots running third world economies.

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Yes, definitely just a hope at the moment. It was just funded on Kickstarter 8 months ago.I do agree that more of an aggregator approach based on DOI has a lot of promise, and I’d love to see someone give it a go.

JElnTTc15RVm - mejl web   04:43:59 8.1.2017 - [97] - reaguj

Hmmmm, thought i’d responded to this comment but it didn’t appear. J has just got himself a X200 and seems to be enjoying it. How bad was the touchscreen issue on your dell and did it get fixed?

5Y9VMTf3Od - mejl web   05:02:53 8.1.2017 - [98] - reaguj

agadi utrusht bajoo mandalit. Dhanyavaad.Ek bareekshi shankaa ali. Mala vatate jan ganana dar 10 varshanich hote. Freedom nantar initially kahi jast frequent jan ganana jhalya hotya.pan ata baryach kalapasoon 10 varshaat ekadach hote.mhanoon 30 varshanchya service madhe max 3 vela karavi lagel.

7lOcru3Js - mejl web   05:51:58 8.1.2017 - [99] - reaguj

Your commenter Anti-Genocide wrote:„Jewish screeching about anti-semitism…“I'm sorry I sent a comment about Roth's excessive Jewish victimology if it led to and will be seen as associated with the above remark. A person who speaks of the „Jewish screeching about anti-Semitism“ has shown himself to be an anti-Semite, period. A person who denies the existence of anti-Semitism, is an anti-Semite.

NLgz1utD - mejl web   07:55:41 8.1.2017 - [100] - reaguj

Being associated with Chicago has worked out very well for some middle class blacks: Michael Jordan, Oprah, and Obama. Hard to say if that represents a pattern or a fluke.Competent, inoffensive blacks are much harder to come by than the same from other races. They'll take 'em from wherever the hell they can get them.

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Vincent,He isn’t going to be the primary ball handler anywhere. Even in Portland, it’s Miller and not Roy. I belive his grouse is more with playing time, though. His PT went down from year 1 to year 2, and he wasn’t too happy about that.

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Appears that birthers totally ignore the original white copy of the birth certificate released by Associated Press …of course they all can only see what is presently in front of them, have no knowledge of how to conduct unbiased research or link any claims to sources. How do they conduct their real lives, or do they have real lives???

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Great job Dave. You eloquently say what we all feel. I drive by Rollins at least 3 times a week and watch the “progress” being made, and my heart goes out for all affected. Then I imagine what my cherished view over Junior Lake will look like if we can’t stop Bowers and my heart aches very deeply. I think you ought to send that poem to all the media – maybe some of the ‘feel goods’ will take away a different view from your prose.

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rqqEMy87S - mejl web   23:29:45 12.1.2017 - [138] - reaguj

seems always there are them that create, those who maintain & others only following…. blessed be them what take it and do something new with it, “developing inner poise”, returning with a revelation… whatever

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Pbrain, WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S AHEAD IN THE POLLS WANT AN EARLY DEBATE?and WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S TRAILING WANT TO POSTPONE? The published polls are out of sync with candidate behavior. Aren’t you the least bit curious? Or are you just afraid of the answer.

XrVX7sJw - mejl web   04:12:36 13.1.2017 - [143] - reaguj

Christine, thank you for continuing to keep us in the loop about what is going on here. Also love your idea you posted on the Muse board about book trading cards. This sounds like such a fun convention!!!

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Oh, how wonderful to know, thank you Jenn! I know, tamari roasted chickpeas made at least once/week here too – usually twice, and triple batched, lol!! Yes, the definition of “junk” food needs some work!!!

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Thanks for the comments, which were, with one exception, thoughtful and enlightening. The exception was enlightening though not thoughtful at all. This is the credo of the sophist, which Aristophanes dealt with in The Clouds long before I got to it.If you hate big government and your students, why are you a public school teacher whining on the state server?Fortunately, that bit of hypocrisy may be rendered moot very soon. Either way, he has scrubbed his blog and scuttled back into the shadows.

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And yes, we all know that Hollywood would never bow to minority pressure groups, so that can't have anything to do with it. And this has no chance of being a briar patch situation for Hollywood, either.Everybody's a babe in the woods.

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Another post where I question if you guys hate Israel more than you want something good for the Palestinians. The two state option will be the quickest solution for some normality in the Palestinians lives. But now, its a one-state solution which will never be accepted by the Israelis or the United States.Remember, there are people living under occupation, if the Two State solution is gaining any momentum, why not just go a long for the ride, or at least let the Palestinians decide.

7n4DrQFQva - mejl web   08:26:36 14.1.2017 - [168] - reaguj

Julia! So thrilled about the pictures– you did an amazing job and we appreciate you taking the time to meet up with us! Thank you thank you!! Lets plan something soon!

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You go girl! I have admired your “ink” many times, and have mine planned and drawn, just need to find the bravery to get it done! Here’s to being ourselves, in all our glorious colors and styles!

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theonik2006 / So nice this is coming out next year on XBLA. We need Guardian heroes next. A lot of rare games from Treasure. They used to make less copies than demand back in the day for that exact reason.

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dumb article? it’s dumb that people live that way. and as a taxpayer who is funding their shit*y company because they ran it into the ground … no, i dont think they should send their kid to private school AND pay $3800 a year for a tutor

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(70)njescapee,I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. It is quite clear, and without contestation, that NJ taxpayers pay a lot of taxes and get back the least % from the federal govt as compared to the other 49 states and the dc swamp.

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“But the banks were largely responsible for the originations in the first place, both because they provided the demand for the toxic mortgages…”Uh, besides the super-senior (etc) tranches banks retained, they weren’t the ultimate demand (nor the ultimate funding).

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Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.

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I am also a K-12 admin with separate domains for students and staff. I understand the need to keep the kids off of it, but we would really like to use Google+ on the staff side. A blanket No is kind of a letdown.

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#74I am seriously hoping my kid wants to do a craft (plumbing/electric). I would push for him to obtain a public sector job, but our corporatocracy will make sure that these jobs will compensate their workers as poorly as the average private sector schlub. You make it seem like the govt salaries are high. They have better job security [not anymore at the state level it seems], but the salaries are low except for the lower end of the distribution.

ZUQqAqxG - mejl web   07:54:37 5.2.2017 - [508] - reaguj

Hey, you're the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

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Brilliant analysis. How to disseminate it? Watching Cameron flitting around the Middle East, desperately trying to sell arms while at the same time hoping and praying that the oil wells don't stop churning, is gut-wrenching. No leadership. No intelligence. No guts. No morality.

R2JbR2sMG - mejl web   15:47:33 5.2.2017 - [510] - reaguj

Once again physical reality trumps theory. Why the tanks were installed that way is the question both the capitalists and the commentator fail even to ask. In the absence of facts I like to hope it was some hard hat’s idea of payback for turning his old neighborhood into a haven for a-holes.Whatever the reality is, filbt’s wrong. Even lawnmower engines all have fuel filters in-line.

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I appreciate the insights. After 10 years pastoring in the same place our lessons learned and experiences are much the same. God bless you there for 20 + more years!

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hAYZFXcFcv1O - mejl web   06:18:35 6.2.2017 - [517] - reaguj

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I was close to my grandmother too, she used to crochet blankets. I still miss her now and then, even though she has been gone over 21 years now. Sending you hugs. x

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Wait, I cannot fathom it being so straightforward.

EJTerdtZuKux - mejl web   13:00:32 7.2.2017 - [530] - reaguj

Latest git ebuild has renamed the new git user/group to be just “git”. Therefore s/gitolite/git/ in the various useradd/sudo commands above. Perhaps you would be kind enough to update the article for those who just want to mindlessly cut’n'paste?

spK0mJBT - mejl web   15:36:40 7.2.2017 - [531] - reaguj

This is way better than a brick & mortar establishment.

QLGtKTU3 - mejl web   16:19:06 7.2.2017 - [532] - reaguj

— I think I remember their house and started describing this long orange carpeted hallway with a room on one end and staircase on the other. My mom said that was indeed their house, in fact— it was the hallway I learned to walk in on my first birthday. (IT'S BEEN BROUGHTEN!)

MQVe4p2hT72 - mejl web   18:19:52 7.2.2017 - [533] - reaguj

Ked budes mat populaciu 5000 tak v inventari budes mat zakladnu konstrukciu mosta.Ked to postavis na predom vyznacene miesto tak na ten most klikni a tam mas materialy,ktore budes potrebovat.Ak este nieco nebudes vediet tak napis.

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This posting knocked my socks off

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TeaLib10:13 AM on April 16, 2011P.S. to my B.S.: Good Blog today, Sheree.I am glad to see that Governor Goodwrench has found a way to help fund something worthy. We certain fund enough projects that are less important.

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This makes everything so completely painless.

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I like to party, not look articles up online. You made it happen.

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But when the consumer stops spending and sits down, the government and the exporter — and also the capacity-building business — can stand up==============And where does the government get its cash?1. The taxpayer, or consumer, which means they have less money to consume.2. Future taxpayers – children – by borrowing, and then stinging them for the tax plus the interest on top.

3nAXxrAi - mejl web   06:59:29 8.2.2017 - [539] - reaguj

Wow! Great thinking! JK

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‚is that for me?‘ I said ‚no, it‘s for me' becauses it's going to be a surprise christmas present for her.So when she was busy with something else I sneeked upstairs into my work room and opened it up, she is even more pretty in the ‚flesh‘ or should I say ‚pink tweed‘, and it was so nice of you to include the little extras!Having a little girl is lovely because I get to buy really cute and pretty things and indulge my girly-side with the excuse that it's for my little girl!Jessx

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Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

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  • I see this defect, but I don’t have time to submit it, so I skipped it.* I don’t preform GUI test that time and thought this mistype is by design.* It’s not my fault you gave me unsufficient time to test this.* You need an estimate? Ok. It will take 2 human lifes.
wJdrm7XWipT - mejl web   14:12:12 8.2.2017 - [543] - reaguj

1000 blessings back to you, Sarah. I feel as if I know you through your blog and your kind words. I’m so appreciative! Your writing makes me happy and keeps me dreaming of future travel! Perhaps one day we will meet in person.Love,Sala

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These topics are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

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That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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Thinking like that is really amazing

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Alakazaam-information found, problem solved, thanks!

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Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant analyses, OK?

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I like you on FB(Kelly D Saver), follow you on twitter(Kellydpa) and I make back to school easier by preparing as much as possible the day before, like packing lunches, supplies and setting out outfits.kellywcuATyahooDOTcom

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Wow I must confess you make some very trenchant points.

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I have an other small idea which might be useful:Let uploaders select a different colour for the black borders around the video. Most of the time, the background in a video is dark or even black, but there are also many videos that have a white background. The black borders make those videos look weird.

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Howdy!I have a question regarding getting a diagnosis, and yes, I realise that you’re “just a patient”; I’m just asking for ideas. But I would appreciate your input on the question .andrea

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I was looking everywhere and this popped up like nothing!

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De vrijheid van meningsuiting is in Marokko beperkt, let daar wel op als je je daar gaat vestigen en het helpt als je een lid uit de koninklijke familie aanstelt in de directie.Elk land heeft zo zijn gebruiken.

8wNGCbiRSi9z - mejl web   06:45:10 9.2.2017 - [559] - reaguj

That hits the target dead center! Great answer!

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Bless you…[…]An quite interesting discussion is really worth comment. I believe that you really need to write more on this area of interest, it will most likely not end up being a taboo subject but usually people are not “fearless” enough to speak on these s…

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Pleasing to find someone who can think like that

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Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable source? Oh well, gj!

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Yo, good lookin out! Gonna make it work now.

VS997PtjNmor - mejl web   15:11:01 9.2.2017 - [564] - reaguj

By 2 September, 2009  – 14:56I actually cried the first time I saw this episode. Just a little watering of the eyes, but all the same.Oh, and the second time.I most recently cried at the film-length episodes but more over how awful they were.

V5l7zlfnQ - mejl web   15:38:58 9.2.2017 - [565] - reaguj

Hi Joi,Woohoo!you finally updated…was waiting for like months for your new update!Looking 4ward to ur new album…most likely getting it as a Christmas present from me…by me…hahaha… maybe boh liao,but i will get some reasons to get ur album!I will try to Peng Chang for the concert…cos my mom will be attending a concert in the Durian on the 28 Dec too.

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You've impressed us all with that posting!

eYHMSutPd - mejl web   17:27:05 9.2.2017 - [567] - reaguj

Tree,This is quite comprehensive. I wrote for MyFiredoglake that was similar, before Col. Pinky’s testimony. Your statement of facts, as rebuttal to sandy’s casual comment is worthy of extensive reprint. Do you mind if Mondoweiss readers, including me, do that?

YXi0raWwLWV - mejl web   17:31:34 9.2.2017 - [568] - reaguj

of Fay Andrada and Jessica Barensfield & Simon Howell. The both utilize similar pieces that our cottage has (probably all from Ikea ^_^) and small space design is always of particular interest to me. The

pqww6PrV7UN - mejl web   19:00:25 9.2.2017 - [569] - reaguj

I love these articles. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

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Great write-up, I am regular visitor of one’s blog, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a long time. “Good nonsense is good sense in disguise.” by Josh Billings.

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Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen!

ha4pSwJ7yIU - mejl web   02:19:37 10.2.2017 - [572] - reaguj

This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning.

bK9JtRoBB6L - mejl web   02:25:46 10.2.2017 - [573] - reaguj

I thought I'd have to read a book for a discovery like this!

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Thanks for contributing. It's helped me understand the issues.

3bAApDAt50cm - mejl web   05:41:35 10.2.2017 - [575] - reaguj

Hi Gina, I’ve always been told that heating/cooking protein powder essentially destroys the protein and makes the powder pointless if you are adding it for increased protein – is sun warrior better in this regard?

58qx1fz9JhQ - mejl web   05:45:09 10.2.2017 - [576] - reaguj

Anon 7:08:00,Tak membutakan mata, memekakkan telinga, tak guna akal dan tak baca kitab yang memang tak berfaedah. Apatah lagi kalau ‚kitab‘ itu sendiri hanya berisi ‚fatwa‘ yang menyeleweng dan menyesatkan.

55GfJDZQt5k - mejl web   06:08:22 10.2.2017 - [577] - reaguj

Check that off the list of things I was confused about.

5Iwycfa3QEtl - mejl web   07:31:25 10.2.2017 - [578] - reaguj

Nico, good cartoon! While the ruling elites have been successful up to the introduction of the Internet in convincing us we have a Democracy (flavored), in reality we are a Plutocracy with a pseudo/democratic false face.Definition of PLUTOCRACY1: government by the wealthy2: a controlling class of the wealthy I think the Global Occupy movement and the growing Student movement in Quebec are the advance troops in exposing the lie.

uky8Umvlg - mejl web   08:31:13 10.2.2017 - [579] - reaguj

Of the panoply of website I've pored over this has the most veracity.

IfyTTfEqBvv6 - mejl web   09:53:55 10.2.2017 - [580] - reaguj

that most accidents are caused by drivers under 17 going over 80 or drivers over 80 going under 17. I tend to agree with George Carlin, who said that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac.

Y2XmrQ8GDmwU - mejl web   10:45:29 10.2.2017 - [581] - reaguj

Time to face the music armed with this great information.

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that’s more than we eat. Hehe, inch by inch…Funny, I too have been interested in a root cellar for a while now. My grandparents had one in Montana. My folks had a basement with a canning pantry growing up. Unfortunately, my lot has an extremely high water table so digging is out of the question here and nobody has basements in Mountlake Terrace. Sure would be nice though. I miss a basement. So I too am intregued by your research and process!

aY4gAsczkp4 - mejl web   17:08:17 11.2.2017 - [585] - reaguj

A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

8K0sxMXHjl - mejl web   17:43:22 11.2.2017 - [586] - reaguj

Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that really helped.

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Glad I've finally found something I agree with!

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If you're reading this, you're all set, pardner!

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Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheered me up!

QCUCm5a3O - mejl web   05:38:12 12.2.2017 - [591] - reaguj

I just read on another forum about apps that are still running using up battery life when you might think the phone isn’t doing anything when the screen is locked. Might be reason for the difference.

t1QlI5jHn - mejl web   06:34:44 12.2.2017 - [592] - reaguj

Stellar work there everyone. I'll keep on reading.

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A provocative insight! Just what we need!

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I think Microsoft learned that the line between “partner” and “competitor” is razor thin. HP had every intention of replacing Office when they bought WebOS and Palm. And just look at the “partnership” between Apple and Samsung.I think Microsoft, with Surface, is doing what’s best for Microsoft and Windows 8, as they should be.

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Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnappers!

NbU13rLT - mejl web   13:27:42 12.2.2017 - [600] - reaguj

#159, 160 – the celebration should be tempered a bit. Allen West will probably lose his race while that mad dog “progressive” Alan Grayson managed to win the newly created district in Florida.I propose we offer the job of Commander of Armed Forces in the new Texas Republic to Col. West.

qWv5xCcOTTO - mejl web   13:48:19 12.2.2017 - [601] - reaguj

Not only do we need an FFA but we also need to lift all firearm restrictions like Vermont, Arizona and Alaska. Unfortunatelly all our state representatives see is the all-mighty dollars in licensing revenue.Mike GillTulsa, OK

DVLQc8vwLXkI - mejl web   16:51:11 12.2.2017 - [602] - reaguj

You write so honestly about this. Thanks for sharing!

BQLAmNAtI1 - mejl web   19:03:26 12.2.2017 - [603] - reaguj

Information is power and now I'm a !@#$ing dictator.

UsnYk1mBkA - mejl web   19:57:36 12.2.2017 - [604] - reaguj

Glad I've finally found something I agree with!

7TKomFVMmprF - mejl web   20:52:59 12.2.2017 - [605] - reaguj

AFJ. Ingrid – I can’t find a response from you. Could you try again, please? One or two entries have obviously gone astray – anyone who has not heard from me should get in touch.

fQoR9JDR - mejl web   00:28:45 13.2.2017 - [606] - reaguj

„.....It's an awful lot like watching the neighborhood bully get in a tiff with the weird kid who sets fires. You're really not sure which one you want to come out on top, and you're sure as hell not going to cheer for one or the other…“ …I think Jay just won the interwebs......

VEuCSdPA3j - mejl web   02:02:05 13.2.2017 - [607] - reaguj

Or like they have incredible tailoring skills with the cloaks and mad baking skillz with the lembas, there must be some incredible elven hairdresser that whips up a mean deep conditioning treatment

oHYucBTwRfQL - mejl web   02:15:09 13.2.2017 - [608] - reaguj

Tim, Ryan, Meaghan and Connor,Holly will live with you each and every day for eternity. She’ll give you strength when you need it most. Please know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Mike, Cara, Anna and Jack Connelly

fr2UifBGjsxQ - mejl web   04:51:33 13.2.2017 - [609] - reaguj

Personally, I think it would be great if Hamilton got an NHL franchise. Hamilton obviously loves hockey, and the social and economic benefits for the community would be welcome in any Canadian city. Good luck on your quest. Go Hamilton!!!

P6dSb8OJXuN - mejl web   05:05:33 13.2.2017 - [610] - reaguj

Touchdown! That's a really cool way of putting it!

IttkZDjOcuH - mejl web   05:14:00 13.2.2017 - [611] - reaguj

You know you don’t have to go to counseling with her to help with this problemGo yourself and if you’re willing to do some work you may be able to save your marriage and after 40 years it’s certainly worth a try.Good luck.

NSDOpuxJ - mejl web   06:02:45 13.2.2017 - [612] - reaguj

It's a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

zukwdRBOX - mejl web   06:24:48 13.2.2017 - [613] - reaguj

We used to have something like a voucher system except it started with your money in your hands instead of the government taking it and then asking you where you want them to spend it. They were called war bonds.

EDrSceF2 - mejl web   06:55:26 13.2.2017 - [614] - reaguj

By July 3, 2012  – 4:40 amI have recently started a blog, the information you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

nDLVixjs2hEs - mejl web   07:59:52 13.2.2017 - [615] - reaguj

Zephid,Nicely done. I think that the Lakers are committed to bringing everyone back. That could even include Sun Yue. Mbenga and Powell are clearly worth being included. It is almost impossible to recreate team chemistry when it’s gone. Team chemistry should be something the Lakers can count on for next year.

NMUYSeoy - mejl web   08:51:57 13.2.2017 - [616] - reaguj

I must admit i bought the maxi cosi Group 0 seat as it fit on my pram. I also bought the ISOFIX base too. I loved it and found it very safe.Ive just bought the next stage and gone for a Kiddy infinity seat, Quite a new seat i think, that has an impact cushion instead on 5 point harness. So far so good we both love it… It is a minefield choosing seats they vary so much…

eLFhFQ6WZqC - mejl web   10:01:46 13.2.2017 - [617] - reaguj

Great tips! I made all of my 3 yr old’s food and plan to do the same with my 6 week old. I like some of the combos you came up with, as well as the garlic press tip!

9NeOytMnjVc - mejl web   12:48:52 13.2.2017 - [618] - reaguj

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't eat without getting food all over myself. lol. Love your dress and those glasses look so cute on you!www.daisyraeboutique.comwww­.kacieskloset.blogspot.com

rwGd47mKqynj - mejl web   15:58:37 13.2.2017 - [619] - reaguj

Saturno, non scherziamo, non hai nessun bisogno di scusarti…Era solo un invito ad approfondire maggiormente gli argomenti. Tutto qui.Le “bacchettate” alla prossima puntata…:-)Fabrizio

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To get websites like this was developed the web. My partner and i surfing around often the everyday dozens of similar sites on this subject, however below is just the thing Now i’m trying to find, minus the effects and gossip. Good work!

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Hey there! I just found Ravelry and began looking through the files and found this information on the afghan square. I am doing one similar to it, but out of sock yarn as a fund-raiser for my group. I like your picture.Happy knitting,Louis

MjanaxOBJ3L - mejl web   20:01:29 13.2.2017 - [622] - reaguj

Touchdown! That's a really cool way of putting it!

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That insight's perfect for what I need. Thanks!

qSVgqiMxU4EQ - mejl web   22:41:19 13.2.2017 - [624] - reaguj

I went to Amazon.com to check out the book. Now I want a kindle. A stick of butter is written by Angle Shannon who is on Good Things Utah. Do you watch it? I wish I had a better love affair with the book Old Man and the Sea. I down loaded it on my ipod, but I keep falling asleep when I listen to it. I lived in SunValley when I was a teen ager right next door to the Hemingways. It was the summer he shot himself.

RlbF9Tsp - mejl web   23:09:25 13.2.2017 - [625] - reaguj

This site is like a classroom, except I don't hate it. lol

zOck8xR7g3vs - mejl web   23:23:13 13.2.2017 - [626] - reaguj

are you suggesting this is your house then ? why don't you tell us a little about the ‚medusa‘ concept, and why this is an important factor in the design of the house. i'd be curious about the cost involved as well. it's an interesting house, but please help us understand the justification for all the excessive geometry. the site looks very beautiful, but the house…well, nobody is jealous of that.

Nl0lQ29lB4K6 - mejl web   23:57:33 13.2.2017 - [627] - reaguj

I love reading these articles because they're short but informative.

J5sDF3qPIQs - mejl web   00:25:57 14.2.2017 - [628] - reaguj

sara – happy anniversary!I remember your first photo together very well. Beka was so excited to show off this boy who would dress up for her!Your wedding was beautiful.You two are beautiful.

g268yrJIgjO - mejl web   00:35:07 14.2.2017 - [629] - reaguj

I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

0pAo1okAyvL4 - mejl web   04:04:13 14.2.2017 - [630] - reaguj

These results were devastating. No question. There are very serious questions about the way forward. But the way HCR ran his campaign, and — maybe just as importantly — the way he’s managing his defeat –represent extraordinary progress. Taking out a petrostate authoritarian when you have limited access to media — yeah, sometimes it takes a little time. And tenacity.

RMPUSXMb6p2I - mejl web   07:46:57 14.2.2017 - [631] - reaguj

This tools helps me to clear the ownership of my blogs and thus visitors can get the photos of the author (if s/he like to share it) and also increase the click rate by making the description parts under the title in search results. Infinite thanks to Google to allow webmasters to test before it appears. :)

aDmcTOIYCbYJ - mejl web   10:21:52 14.2.2017 - [632] - reaguj

It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and provides pragmatisdc solutions.

3gKMG3MANn - mejl web   11:54:30 14.2.2017 - [633] - reaguj

Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips for first-time blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

bCx7rdzK4 - mejl web   12:58:39 14.2.2017 - [634] - reaguj

I think this is an important question for everyone. Especially in this Facebook/sharing age. What is really going on in our lives and what are we presenting to the world? Is it deceptive to post happy pictures when we are in fact struggling? Is it dishonest to tell people we are fine when they ask even when we are in the midst of some kind of crisis. Won’t there always be a gap between perception and reality? Maybe we should just be concerned with how big this gap is?

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Tina: Not one, but two so the NRA thought that something happened enough to pay two people off.——————————————–Not necessarily. Such pay offs could have been seen as peanuts compared to having to pay attys, etc. or even cope with the bad publicity. If prior accusers settled for a specific amount AND signed something that settled never returning to subject in the future….well….suppose the bucks meant more than ending such behavior for other “victims”/women.

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that it is mandatory. ”Ask to see the law. I don’t think it is enforceable if it even exists. It is easy to say that it is mandatory…. just as easy as saying that you are a Natural Born citizen. “Words, nothing but words”, to quote the Supreme Leader.

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It will be interesting to see what happens if the governors of all the states who introduced sovereignty resolutions sign those resolutions into law. If he tries to have martial law declared, I have a feeling he won’t be as successful as he thinks he will. The military are overwhelmingly loyal to America and the Constitution, and many, many of them have doubts about Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS in the first place. I don’t think they’ll be any too quick to jump at the snap of his fingers.

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You guys throw the term “ghetto” around too loosely on this site. Just because a car isn’t stock doesn’t make it “ghetto”. “Ghetto” looking cars are what you would see in South Florida, or almost any hood in America, like old school chevrolets on 30″ rims with TV’s all over the damn place, Gucci/LV/Any luxury brand monogram interior and an insane amount of speakers inside the car…THAT’S GHETTO!!!! I do agree that this doesn’t look good at all.

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It has been my personal belief for along time, that diet’s fail because as humans we are used to wanting the “good stuff”. And if you are not strong mentally, you will often grow bored of the diet, and try to break out. But yes… you are right, you should not give up!

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SirishaWay to go! Keep it up! TV in it’s currentform is the worst I feel! I cannot make out what sense do Doremon or Shinchan etc make! My nephew was constantly watching this two serials. That when I decided No TV till 2 for my girl. Now that she is two, I show only 15 mins of CBeebies once in morning and once in evening.I make her my little helper with all things I do around the house! She loves that..I see my TV at night after she is tucked into sleep. Little compromise but it goes a long way!

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Common Swift:You are a law unto yourself! I owed your soul this debate, and was glad, with Rich’s forbearance to pursue it, but it’s obvious this is getting nowhere. So, the proverbial dust is getting brushed off my feet even now. For what it’s worth, I do pray that you will have a change of heart, I would sorely love to meet you in the air when the last trump sounds.

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<span>Belgian TV channel RTL reported tonight that the perpetrators were Mubarak supporters.  It couldn't have been the other side: whose motives are pure and innocent.</span>

QG93wdXaZEi - mejl web   04:06:10 21.3.2017 - [972] - reaguj

Obama had been swayed against Netanyahu by …” Because it’s not possible that anyone could have been swayed against Netanyahu by anything he had actually said or done.

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I enjoyed this posting. As someone who is convinced that we are much better off taking people for who they are and encouraging them to use their strengths rather than focusing on our opinion of what they should change, this post fits well with my philosophy.And I am going to hold you to the not more than 90 degree comment in two weeks or so.

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Liberals are supposed to be the great relativists. Conservatives are supposed to believe in an absolute wrong and right. If compromising the fight against terrorism for political expediency is wrong for liberals, then it is wrong for us too. Otherwise we end up standing for nothing at all.^) xa-xa

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Great to hear it for the short poem. I must look out for that Faber anthology. It must include Herrick’s “Whenas in silks…” Michael Longley is a master of the short poem. His most renowned is probably ‘Terezin’: TerezinNo room has ever been as silent as the roomWhere hundreds of violins are hung in unison.(from Gorse Fires)

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I disagree with nobody being able to take shots at Jay-Z. As long as he’s still alive & still rapping anybody can diss him. In my opinion, it’s only wack to diss a rapper when they’re not alive anymore… cough Funkmaster Flex cough

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Thanks so much LWE… I’m a huge electronic fan… and although not everyone will agree with all reviews etc(virtually impossible) I highly appreciate the top notch work you fellas put into all of this. It really pays off especially with such a stellar year for minimal, house, experimental etc… I’m also grateful you guys don’t follow all the hype. At the end of the day, you do your own thing and your choices reflect that. Huge year for vinyl as well…almost 75% of my fav’s were vinyl only… thanks for being true to yourselves.. that is the standard.

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So many idiots commenting here. YouTube didn't claim to invent the ads. And they are „offering“ the ads to „select partners“ if they want to use them. They didn't say they were putting them on every video – but so what if they did in the end? They're hosting these videos. They need to make money. … Unless you idiots want to host these millions of videos for free. It's like the internet has taken away people's ability to read. So many idiots.

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A conservative columnist, David Brooks, had a common sense approach today on Sunday talk show…a basic summary: he used to discount the global warming news, but after the near concensus report by scientists this week, he is trusting people who know a lot more about science than he does! I think back to my grandmother,and mother; their generations were the original reduce, reuse, recycle crowd. I’m sorry we are so far removed from their values.

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I think we have enough problems at home to worry about instead of the continuing saga of discontent and strife in the Middle East which seems never ending and without resolve.

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YouTube loves to ad javascript to everything apparently… There is a such thing as TOO MUCH! When the site lags because of it, and people can't get things to work anymore that used to ALWAYS work, the code monkey needs a timeout. I think javascript should be treated like salt. You only need to apply a dash. Not pour out the whole shaker on everything.

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Emee Mamee27 November 2010Setiap orang tidak akan bebas dari melakukan kesilapan. Andainya pernah berlaku janganlah terus lalai…segera bertaubat dan kembali kepangkal jalan.

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I prayed here during Ramadan just a month ago! It's amazing!! Morroco is amazing! If you want to see real muslims… go to the Islamic world and explore , experience and be amazed! Don't watch CNN or FOX e.t.c … those aren't muslims, they're paid CIA and FBI agents who are trained to make muslims look bad and give islam a bad image!Rant over! I converted to Islam after living in Morroco and Saudi Arabia for a year! That's how beautiful Islamic culture is.Peace & Love

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Our hearts are broken that poor Jack had to suffer like he did due to needless neglect on the part of oomans. We feel so bad for his own oomans and for Jack. May he rest in peace now and will no longer suffer.

GYXUGax8c - mejl web   10:38:53 25.3.2017 - [1040] - reaguj

Thank YOU Liza, for joining in the conversation and sharing so openly with us. It’s truly inspiring to see you exhibit so much strength and grace through all the pain you’ve been through.

GidCplvvuWC - mejl web   12:00:42 25.3.2017 - [1041] - reaguj

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for other Presidents who won a second term – they were unbeatable? That the people who voted for them were cult worshipping idiots? How come Bobby Rush beat Obama back in 2000 if Obama has such unbeatable charisma? I guess if you pretend that a disappointing President in one of the worst economic downturns for decades can’t be beaten then I reckon it’s because you are in deep denial. But sure believe that and pick Palin or Ryan for 2016 and let’s see what the next excuse for failure will be in 4 years time.Reply

7Ytc6FqAdY - mejl web   21:15:55 25.3.2017 - [1049] - reaguj

Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

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It's imperative that more people make this exact point.

REuDE9yhl4BB - mejl web   21:54:41 25.3.2017 - [1051] - reaguj

Thanks Celena for your thoughtfulcomments. I love what you wrote about the roses in high school. It seemed like such a big deal. For all of their flaws (and those girls were mean!), they had each other. I’m curious to read her other books. Are they wildly different than Before I Fall?

CJeb3qYztZ1 - mejl web   22:02:20 25.3.2017 - [1052] - reaguj

thank you YT, its great that you have added Digg to our watch pages.maybe its just me but in „manage video responses“ the „response #“ uses the videos view count variable instead of the response number (just a cosmetic glitch).i am still playing with everything but it is all really useful for content publishers, thank you

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This has made my day. I wish all postings were this good.

3QwvDhS7 - mejl web   05:43:13 26.3.2017 - [1055] - reaguj

i just realized that we now have the same color theme for our living area! i like the throw pillows. did you get them in restoration hardware as planned or somehwere else? chat with you soon!

jzHWaT1p - mejl web   08:48:27 26.3.2017 - [1056] - reaguj

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!

WboQLe01jXej - mejl web   10:13:21 26.3.2017 - [1057] - reaguj

Thought it wouldn't to give it a shot. I was right.

YsbHEEIXyE5y - mejl web   11:01:46 26.3.2017 - [1058] - reaguj

Shereen K – AW I love that mossy hut, Sam took me there for a winter hot chocolate date! Great park :) I love the colours and facial expressions, especially the goofy ones ;)

jDmygHUOHhdE - mejl web   12:17:11 26.3.2017 - [1059] - reaguj

Normally I'm against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

Ls6nMrJaX - mejl web   14:44:05 26.3.2017 - [1060] - reaguj

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

EmSJ4pUX - mejl web   16:46:03 26.3.2017 - [1061] - reaguj

Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheered me up!

gkAmmgs0Gh3 - mejl web   17:27:37 26.3.2017 - [1062] - reaguj

That's the perfect insight in a thread like this.

7kMtndmdZH - mejl web   18:36:11 26.3.2017 - [1063] - reaguj

You have such a gift for capturing the personality of the children. Of course, as the (Great) Aunt to the Cearley boys, I am prejudice. This sneak peak is wonderful and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

qF4Vs0cM - mejl web   20:31:33 26.3.2017 - [1064] - reaguj

Beautiful! I early voted with my Stanford t-shirt on. We’re making our annual Thanksgiving week visit soon. Can’t wait to be back in California. We are slowly sinking into the gray days of winter in Chicagoland.

KPpEibTY4mt - mejl web   20:37:26 26.3.2017 - [1065] - reaguj

That's not just the best answer. It's the bestest answer!

bhOB5fsTj - mejl web   00:49:18 27.3.2017 - [1066] - reaguj

Overall, this is an interesting post and a driver for good discussion on the future of GPS market (which will unlikely really tank entirely because free is not for everyone).However, I’m not sure I see how this “less than free” model is all that new. After all, the world of advertising has several examples of this historically. One example, billboard advertisers in malls pay the mall operators a “rent” fee for being able to put up ads throughout the mall. The ads posted by these advertisers are a great consumer utility as usually they are for movies or products available in the mall.

MmkGxlFgj7z - mejl web   01:24:33 27.3.2017 - [1067] - reaguj

If someone needs a saving from bankruptcy the only solution is that person/company/bank to lose part of its independence until they repay the saving loan. Banks have created the crisis but refuse to pay. Why?

nOG4cXLVwuuS - mejl web   02:31:55 27.3.2017 - [1068] - reaguj

Uptown: You are pretty proud of your ignorance, aren't you? How can you defend the continued failure of this „government function“ that leaves so many bright kids without the tools they need to compete?Vouchers have never been allowed to happen on a city-wide scale for long enough to see whether they work or not. There is too much money and power at stake to let t happen.You are seriously messed up, Uptown.

egYjmrtj - mejl web   02:43:15 27.3.2017 - [1069] - reaguj

thuc pham china la thub rac ruoi va kem chat luong ..hay tay chay chung de bao ve suc khoe cho minh .do cjina cho vao sot rac

rZXWiL5D - mejl web   02:44:45 27.3.2017 - [1070] - reaguj

That's a well-thought-out answer to a challenging question

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Foux8LUa3p - mejl web   04:54:36 27.3.2017 - [1072] - reaguj

That's the perfect insight in a thread like this.

zOVoHF5RfpWv - mejl web   07:05:12 27.3.2017 - [1073] - reaguj

excellent points altogether, you just gained a new reader. What would you suggest about your post that you made some days ago? Any positive?

2GYHHPMEI - mejl web   07:43:51 27.3.2017 - [1074] - reaguj

A provocative insight! Just what we need!

9EAa8z9Z - mejl web   08:30:43 27.3.2017 - [1075] - reaguj

recent posts on life in Hong Kong (Leaving Sydney and Assumptions) drew a fair bit of comment; online, through email and in real life conversations.

xOqeUKn9Axm - mejl web   11:23:27 27.3.2017 - [1076] - reaguj

Hey, killer job on that one you guys!

ntGzVFNh - mejl web   11:56:41 27.3.2017 - [1077] - reaguj

Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

T32DxCRSVrj - mejl web   19:35:37 27.3.2017 - [1078] - reaguj

Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thankful for your help.

gd9xvGJP - mejl web   20:08:20 27.3.2017 - [1079] - reaguj

Never seen a better post! ICOCBW

kfVAGUV4jy - mejl web   21:16:21 27.3.2017 - [1080] - reaguj

I hate my life but at least this makes it bearable.

kei61GkC - mejl web   22:30