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S2HiMdSw5 - mejl web   18:57:23 2.1.2017 - [1] - reaguj

hola q tal espero q me puedan ayudar.quiero convertir coordenas UTM a TOPOGRAFICAS pero no encuentro la manera de hacerlo.nose si algien me puede explicar y mandar el liss y aplicacion para haeaclo.grarics Responder</a>

Wa9aYJzqK - mejl web   08:21:56 3.1.2017 - [2] - reaguj

Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

DcJ2Js5Qxt0x - mejl web   18:18:55 3.1.2017 - [3] - reaguj

That kind of thinking shows you're on top of your game

iteO4L0d - mejl web   04:56:20 4.1.2017 - [4] - reaguj

These topics are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

KVhHeJblsK40 - mejl web   12:29:14 4.1.2017 - [5] - reaguj

Well put, sir, well put. I'll certainly make note of that.

uC3KqI3cGRY8 - mejl web   15:00:11 4.1.2017 - [6] - reaguj

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.Can’t imagine how painful this must be for her parents and her family. May God bless them and all the parents in the world that ever experienced the loss of a child.

wETd3l1jvM - mejl web   16:57:39 4.1.2017 - [7] - reaguj

most of their time at home. They get excited about buying a new basketball ball and going on a fishing trip with dad. They argue about who’s going to the DVD store with dad or shopping with mom (okay,

zhNHNn3N7IG - mejl web   19:21:32 4.1.2017 - [8] - reaguj

anyone who'd pay to use megaupload or the like would heve to be a moron anyway, doesnt everyone know you can download whatever you want on the internet for free?. still i agree another black day for internet freedom

deItpdNj4Lx - mejl web   22:18:07 4.1.2017 - [9] - reaguj

Anja – Oh my, Andria! I knew you went and came back but ha no idea about the drama that had unfolded. “Chuffed to bits” as the Brits would say that it all worked out in the end (God bless CJ!) and that you no longer hate the country. I can’t even imagine how lonely and sad you must have felt in that holding room.As for the images. There aren’t any words to describe, really. So let’s settle for stunning. Love every single frame and the everyone shot is THE best one I’ve ever seen.

qHbCYXVL - mejl web   23:15:17 4.1.2017 - [10] - reaguj

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knowledgeable?

aspiJw7sf1r - mejl web   23:59:35 4.1.2017 - [11] - reaguj

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knowledgeable?

Nmm860Scuzj - mejl web   00:57:11 5.1.2017 - [12] - reaguj

Wow, that's a really clever way of thinking about it!

gYcJRIzE - mejl web   01:44:49 5.1.2017 - [13] - reaguj

Not fair! I bought my House of Leaves for Php 835.25. Original price is Php 1099! The Fully Booked staff told me that they didn't have a copy. Hay.But that's okay, hehe. Just browsing through its pages makes it worth the „discounted“ price. The lower edge of my copy has a very minor damage, and this is why I think it's not fair. :DSo I spent a total of Php 1907.25. Add the Keane concert tix that I bought. Add the bills that I paid. Add my two-week budget. Add … argh! Hahaha!

WlWmODEH8IX - mejl web   02:33:06 5.1.2017 - [14] - reaguj

I think we all know by now that it’ll be utter joy when Doc Wilde and the others come finally into our lives, so go easy on yourself, Tim.The important thing is that you’re being straightforward and honest with us, much appreciated.And that cover of Doc Wilde and The Mad Skull looks already creepy!Best,AuraP.S. Thanks for the generous freebie!

yv0C23dDgzC - mejl web   03:24:08 5.1.2017 - [15] - reaguj

Macaroons and coffee, yum! People watching can be fun, it's so cool that you got to meet one of your own readers (who inspired you as well!)♥, Jamie

Mbmz2yZJwGob - mejl web   03:50:35 5.1.2017 - [16] - reaguj

Hey there, I just hopped over to your site using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might generally browse, but I liked your views none the less. Thanks for creating something well worth reading.

hn5FzAOu - mejl web   04:08:57 5.1.2017 - [17] - reaguj

Your answer lifts the intelligence of the debate.

ppwHtACF5 - mejl web   06:28:10 5.1.2017 - [18] - reaguj

Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.

hMEMW3TI - mejl web   07:56:37 5.1.2017 - [19] - reaguj

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

oL5clhZcC - mejl web   08:12:43 5.1.2017 - [20] - reaguj

Intelligence and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

GWhZgLW6Y - mejl web   08:52:38 5.1.2017 - [21] - reaguj

YMMD with that answer! TX

uIR8mzXQmm - mejl web   10:55:30 5.1.2017 - [22] - reaguj

I need a software to render 720p videos for my Video game commentaries on Youtube. I don’t want anything special. No special effects, no sound effects, I just need 720p videos. And I need it to work for my Haupage HD PVR. Any Ideas? And try to do the cheapest one as possible, but good quality.

tcsk7Er4 - mejl web   11:08:08 5.1.2017 - [23] - reaguj

Nice roundup of your recent reading! In the photo my eye was caught by the phrase “This is not the story you think it is”, and kept waiting for you to review that book, but then realised it was not the title after all! Interesting that they made that bigger than the title. It certainly is intriguing, though. Sounds like an interesting memoir.I love that extract from the H Rider Haggard book too! So true – we’re always looking for the next thing, and ignoring what we already have or what’s within reach.

zorcx5rDu - mejl web   11:57:46 5.1.2017 - [24] - reaguj

I just hope whoever writes these keeps writing more!

11XRvhlrSmm - mejl web   12:14:09 5.1.2017 - [25] - reaguj

Could be konkyaku? Or maybe abura-age?I’m jealous. Although I have slight issues with chewiness, I think Japanese cuisine is seriously delicious. I love the variety and purity of the food there. Enjoy!

CtAVlZeZRBv - mejl web   20:50:12 5.1.2017 - [26] - reaguj

As a longtime Transhumanist, I agree with you 100% on your assessment of Kurzweil, Ben. Looking at Kurzweil's timeline of future events vs. what actually happened (so far), it becomes clear that his general vision of the future is correct, but his timetable for the debut of the new technologies is too optimistic. The more I've thought about this, the more I realize that that simple rule of thumb really does describe it. Singularity 2045 is more likely to be Singularity 2075.

xoqj4yLExVz4 - mejl web   21:22:43 5.1.2017 - [27] - reaguj

Hah, yeah that was a mantra at my old job. What’s funny is that even before this update I had already already decided not to promise anything anymore (because of some other promise-failures, like an Android version). With this update I was just so sure about how much work I was going to be able to do once I was working full-time that I totally overcommited to it.

Lshp7hk6CG - mejl web   22:45:10 5.1.2017 - [28] - reaguj

That Ray Rice with 20+ touches = a win thing is silly. The Ravens aren’t winning because he’s getting 20+ touches. He’s getting 20+ touches because they’re winning and killing the clock. I hate ESPN.

F2toKOLu - mejl web   00:55:17 6.1.2017 - [29] - reaguj

Your story was really informative, thanks!

lxS8xiTcU - mejl web   04:25:41 6.1.2017 - [30] - reaguj

Me dull. You smart. That's just what I needed.

2ciGSODTFZ - mejl web   04:43:20 6.1.2017 - [31] - reaguj

Hey, that's the greatest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

7LfV4ysG66Qe - mejl web   05:10:31 6.1.2017 - [32] - reaguj

The ability to think like that shows you're an expert

hkBCdRDYX4Y - mejl web   05:54:57 6.1.2017 - [33] - reaguj

Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

UQ6Dew3cR - mejl web   18:58:32 6.1.2017 - [34] - reaguj

That's a slick answer to a challenging question

oZlEUuSEAx - mejl web   23:02:01 6.1.2017 - [35] - reaguj

Never would have thunk I would find this so indispensable.

Qf8Z799D6v - mejl web   02:12:27 7.1.2017 - [36] - reaguj

That's really shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

xVtUIJ3xe - mejl web   04:05:56 7.1.2017 - [37] - reaguj

`para mi que estos cavernarios quieren juntar lana para su retiro, pero de este mundo cruel ya que estan bien rucailos y a lo mejor les da un aire pola co

AZiU4cTYVZ - mejl web   04:54:30 7.1.2017 - [38] - reaguj

Felicidades tele progreso..por esa bonita oportunidad que brinda acada uno de nuestros hermanos catrachos…en el progreso y otros rincones de honduras desde bradenton florida.

oYXqh3ZRvRnM - mejl web   06:06:30 7.1.2017 - [39] - reaguj

China has a national bank. If you’re looking for someone to demonize, why not pick them instead of our own national bank? Obviously you love China and hate the US just like everyone else who posts here. Is there anyone here that’s not a shill for Communist China who would like to discuss the real issues here?

8fIES50CN - mejl web   08:05:04 7.1.2017 - [40] - reaguj

Awww honey your so sweet! Thanks for offering such a lovely assortment of candy! I'm already a stalker and will gladly add your candy to my blog in hopes to spread some cheer!Hugs Bonnie

tWyf8HMBC - mejl web   09:58:36 7.1.2017 - [41] - reaguj

I'm quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!

ubNynyrzZNQ - mejl web   16:44:47 7.1.2017 - [42] - reaguj

The accident of finding this post has brightened my day

4L2p8YfU - mejl web   16:51:58 7.1.2017 - [43] - reaguj

This forum needed shaking up and you've just done that. Great post!

zJruN7wlFnt - mejl web   00:15:26 8.1.2017 - [44] - reaguj

I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it extremely easy for me!

hF3Jd5by - mejl web   04:36:28 8.1.2017 - [45] - reaguj

I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

Hj1gjmMvV0 - mejl web   04:50:35 8.1.2017 - [46] - reaguj

Your answer was just what I needed. It's made my day!

RGDui8Jg - mejl web   09:50:04 8.1.2017 - [47] - reaguj

Great arti­cle my friend. Good point from Julie about attract­ing the right clients in the first place. Its about engag­ing with peo­ple before they’ve even spo­ken to you. Very often assump­tions are made from dis­tance or by online pres­ence be it Face­book, Twit­ter, web­sites blogs or posted lit­er­a­ture. Per­cep­tions, Per­son­al­i­ties and Pro­fes­sion­al­ism. chris hanley´s last [type] ..

81j80NjZgI - mejl web   10:56:04 8.1.2017 - [48] - reaguj

That's really thinking at an impressive level

Mh69OAHjdF6Q - mejl web   11:59:49 8.1.2017 - [49] - reaguj

Having lived around the country, I've found that urban living pretty much reduces one standard of living.You have it backwards. People are flocking to cities because the country life isn't good enough for them.

vEJ300yGJI - mejl web   13:32:58 8.1.2017 - [50] - reaguj

What a pleasure to find someone who thinks through the issues

ts5hCKZERjkP - mejl web   15:05:13 8.1.2017 - [51] - reaguj

I told my grandmother how you helped. She said, „bake them a cake!“

xR0A4Dadfsy - mejl web   19:34:22 9.1.2017 - [52] - reaguj

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cqJOYoPIzR22 - mejl web   21:23:38 9.1.2017 - [53] - reaguj

I just want to mention I am just beginner to blogs and honestly liked you’re web-site. More than likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You actually have really good article content. Cheers for sharing your webpage.

aZmso8WA5LpC - mejl web   22:38:00 9.1.2017 - [54] - reaguj

Cynthia, your space is simply to die for! I’m sure your muse is jump started every time youwalk into your room! I love that your friend “prayed” you into using your God-given talents.Thanks for sharing.Pat

ZFi37TkYvuq - mejl web   22:49:15 9.1.2017 - [55] - reaguj

What I meant was you seem to really hate PS3. At least it seems that way to me… then again you could’ve meant you don’t have enough money for a PS3. I meant that this game should be a good reason for you to get a PS3. Trust me, I meant a lot more than what you just thought.Maybe I shoulda capsed the “of course”…

DCi4Th6cUS9 - mejl web   23:50:13 9.1.2017 - [56] - reaguj

I can already tell that's gonna be super helpful.

haNb7ZdN - mejl web   02:33:29 10.1.2017 - [57] - reaguj

Overall Rating Customer Service Ease of Use Accuracy Value For Money Amazing service and unlimited data. I have been a member for 12 months now, in fact my Inteligator anniversary was yesterday. Will continue to be a member as I can’t get enough and feel safer that I have everyone’s background info at my finger tips.

pEiOOnbY - mejl web   03:00:52 10.1.2017 - [58] - reaguj

That's the thinking of a creative mind

sCK4rayu5FKm - mejl web   11:18:49 10.1.2017 - [59] - reaguj

This is a most useful contribution to the debate

c6hnwJIbPLwm - mejl web   13:19:59 10.1.2017 - [60] - reaguj

That's the thinking of a creative mind

pghN5jaD7Y - mejl web   16:20:04 10.1.2017 - [61] - reaguj

Hy Brett,I try to use your app on my i-mate K-Jam, but it say it needs a more recent version of the .Net Compact Framework, but I have the 2.0…Thank you,Attilio

POiCSLK0M - mejl web   02:58:53 11.1.2017 - [62] - reaguj


4BIymfcNNeSS - mejl web   13:07:01 11.1.2017 - [63] - reaguj

There was this guy who believed very much in true love and decided to take his time to wait for his right girl to appear. You may painfully regret, only to realise that it is too late.

SgCiKIauv - mejl web   05:15:43 12.1.2017 - [64] - reaguj

I just used those Cuban style black beans for the first time this weekend! They were pretty good. We also always have the buffalo burgers on hands..my hubby loves them!

vPA2J7Ozt1N - mejl web   16:40:05 12.1.2017 - [65] - reaguj

Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brightened my day!

pxd76TE8KkD - mejl web   19:57:27 12.1.2017 - [66] - reaguj

Weeeee, what a quick and easy solution.

xdENLNL1 - mejl web   20:08:03 12.1.2017 - [67] - reaguj

Call me wind because I am absolutely blown away.

3cYR1r6Rh6 - mejl web   22:52:04 12.1.2017 - [68] - reaguj

The truth just shines through your post

Xxdjwh3Tqv - mejl web   23:07:35 12.1.2017 - [69] - reaguj

like it a little but you still should allow the public to choose from this look or the old look like ign they did not like the new look and they have over 1 billion views for there channel and because of the new look a lot of my Favorited videos are now not working so i like the old look better and wish youtube will address this

Qf5mSLM6f7V - mejl web   02:18:55 13.1.2017 - [70] - reaguj

Mervin and Greg,I agree this is no time to gloat. I do think it appropriate to consider the legacy not just of Jerry Falwell, but of the Religious Right, of which he is probably the central figure. I too wish the blessings of God on his family and his church.

RZl3c3OHF - mejl web   03:47:53 13.1.2017 - [71] - reaguj

I spent the first eleven years of my life in Margate Fl. I couldn’t wait for the polar truck to come once every few days. I will never forget that taste, and the frozen chuncks of lemon . I moved to Okeechobee Fl where it never was heard of, then Montana. I’ve missed that taste for 30 years but remember it well. I now live in Vero Beach Fl. Can any one tell me if there’s any close to me?

Kq4fKFUZto - mejl web   04:36:53 13.1.2017 - [72] - reaguj

Where is my comment? I thought I'd left a few words yesterday. I love your painting, better than Bierstadt's really, and that's no BS. I remember the Rocky Mountains bright and clear with a few clouds around the highest, as you show them. I love the Rockys, too. We had several wonderful family vacations in the mountains when our children were in their middle years, in Colorado and Wyoming.

AwvLppEhIxb - mejl web   12:40:58 13.1.2017 - [73] - reaguj

Wonderful lesson, Professor! :-)[I get more doubtful w/ every passing day that anyone will ever again hire ME as an instructor, but if I ever should be, I hope I'm HALF as good as you, Doug]

JtLuNF6SqoCG - mejl web   16:36:28 13.1.2017 - [74] - reaguj

It's a real pleasure to find someone who can think like that

Cy2VWo627 - mejl web   20:46:26 13.1.2017 - [75] - reaguj

You've hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

w36zggjkZr - mejl web   23:02:33 13.1.2017 - [76] - reaguj

risolutore:Ci aggiungo i televisori analogici perfettamente funzionanti apparsi nei cassonetti dopo lo switch-off. Uno aveva addirittura un pezzo di carta appiccicato sopra con scritto „funzionante“. E a Genova. Non eravamo quelli „oculati“?

kHIYGteps - mejl web   00:12:45 14.1.2017 - [77] - reaguj

Thanks for taking the time to post. It's lifted the level of debate

MqTisVyw7Dl - mejl web   01:56:59 14.1.2017 - [78] - reaguj

Your grammar is fine. Don’t take too much advice from Misters Strunk and White. Just write. The best writing advice I got from a poet is that the sentence you struggle with to get just perfect, is the first one you should delete.

rLunWYhR - mejl web   08:52:07 14.1.2017 - [79] - reaguj

If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say „Kowabunga, dude!“

UTwzlYbur - mejl web   09:23:59 14.1.2017 - [80] - reaguj

I know right? Some unknown entity always snatches time away from me as well. I suppose the important thing is that it bothers me when I am away for too long, which means that I am never truly away. Christa occupies most of my time outside of work, and often enough I feel too tired and mentally drained to do much.

aQU2WOVGb - mejl web   12:18:43 14.1.2017 - [81] - reaguj

Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writing.

Y1SJ5E20 - mejl web   13:03:46 14.1.2017 - [82] - reaguj

Just wanted to chime in and say very great work on your blog. I for one mostly agree with what you are explaning and hope to see more of your entries soon.

ZERAeYFIQfK - mejl web   15:00:56 14.1.2017 - [83] - reaguj

I read your post and wished I was good enough to write it

rCfLQO8B - mejl web   17:20:58 14.1.2017 - [84] - reaguj

Do you have more great articles like this one?

rnBRBjDpO - mejl web   18:57:28 14.1.2017 - [85] - reaguj

Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.

i2peFXUV - mejl web   22:44:44 14.1.2017 - [86] - reaguj

I really like this ad.Usually this shite just washes straight over me. Some bullshit scare tactics that I've seen so many times they're anything but scary anymore.But the thought of having to live with killing a kid is a very real and very scary prospect. The execution doesn't have to be shocking, because the thought is scary enough.

StURhzliW - mejl web   00:44:08 15.1.2017 - [87] - reaguj

As soon as I initially commented I clicked the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and currently each and every time a comment is added I receive 4 email messages with the exact same comment.

IDENOrr8Ix - mejl web   01:41:53 15.1.2017 - [88] - reaguj

The language of intellectual property is itself offensive. The original idea of copyright, as of the older common laws, was that EVERYONE has rights to their creations. The problem with copyright today is that when a few entities, not even people, have rights to a large and lucrative collection of sound and images, many people lose the right to use their own computers to store or transmit information free of suspicion. If you are going to act like cops, I'm going to treat you like cops.

6Nq4L8rEL - mejl web   03:00:48 15.1.2017 - [89] - reaguj

Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I appreciate it.

o5gE6rslx - mejl web   03:13:21 15.1.2017 - [90] - reaguj

Bruce, how long have you known me? Have I ever mentioned a fear of toxins? To me, “healthy” is code for “won’t make you fat.” Not “won’t make you dead.”

s6kXSl0s9n2 - mejl web   06:43:39 15.1.2017 - [91] - reaguj

I'd say, given the evidence, that the cigar-chomping big wheels at Amazon aren't particularly concerned about what any authors have to say about their decision, much less those of us published by Macmillan.

xCOVcPAp - mejl web   08:06:41 15.1.2017 - [92] - reaguj

Sorry, I hit return too soon. Here’s the rest of my thought:I am always gratified that God is capable of seeing my motives in the midst of my fumbling actions. There’s good and bad to that, I suppose, but it keeps me accountable to keep my motives pure. That’s not an easy task in this carnal body I occupy.

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Heck yeah bay-bee keep them coming!

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These topics are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

ORS16kFcq - mejl web   18:28:19 15.1.2017 - [99] - reaguj

This „free sharing“ of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

HABOdYb8u - mejl web   00:59:31 16.1.2017 - [100] - reaguj

I think you've just captured the answer perfectly

hXPbUysoOHrP - mejl web   02:58:44 16.1.2017 - [101] - reaguj

That's a skillful answer to a difficult question

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I could read a book about this without finding such real-world approaches!

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I was struck by the honesty of your posting

vh9bL4I07Mz - mejl web   19:14:40 16.1.2017 - [105] - reaguj

Peningx,Sekurang-kurangnya 3.50 juga. Selepas PASUM anda boleh memohon program Ijazah Pendidikan atau mengikuti mana-mana program Ijazah. Selepas tamat dengan ijazah anda boleh memohon KPLI.

fzVTr8YD - mejl web   22:25:00 16.1.2017 - [106] - reaguj

good god, he’s RIGHT!I should find the picture of me this morning. something like a cross between a wombat/elephant/witch. perhaps google images would help..[ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rec­t(445px,auto,auto,488px);}appro­val ]

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This week’s Coral Ridge Hour with the dead D. James Kennedy (on tape) featured an ‘ex-gay’ named Paul Osterman of ‘Restoring Hope Ministries’. I’ve never heard of this guy before and I was wondering if he is on your radar?

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I will answer this Witty:So what if you have names… Will these people put their necks to make the Jews in Israel sleep safely? What is crucial to these ‘zionists’ is the eventuality of finally safe and secured Israel…

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Miss mama, I wish more people knew how amazing you are. I want to move closer to you, well maybe I could wait until October. Glad you had fun at the science center. I still can't believe how good your kids are.

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Though I'm SURE the original wreath was pretty „in its day,“ the refurbished wreath is GORGEOUS!!I have a couple of wreaths that need FRESHENING, but I would NOT have thought to use my paper crafting supplies to do it! Lynn, you've INSPIRED me to follow your example!Thank you!!

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Your feelings about your life and the pictures you’ve shared say so much about the very special woman you are. I was so happy to see you at Ben’s wedding and I’m soo very proud to be your aunt. Love and kisses

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I really have no opinion on whether Lance is guilty or not. I’m not a big fan of him as a person, nor am I a big fan of cycling, so yeah- no opinion. However, I am kind of sad that so many people are just jumping on the bandwagon and cheer the excitement of another athlete being brought down. Yes, athletes who use steroids should be punished. But I’m tired of the over excitement of the witch hunt to find them. What’s so wrong with an athlete just being really really good at what they do? It’s like people don’t want to see it…

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Good question, Lauren. I’m using it to ask what is an obligation or requirement of clergy. So if someone does not have faith in Christ, they may not be a UMC clergy. What about the rest? Should someone at least show evidence of striving toward all of these? If someone hasn’t fasted in 20 years, what do we do with that? What with the person who acknowledges they haven’t had faith in 20 years?

0gF1tptA - mejl web   04:37:38 5.2.2017 - [259] - reaguj

Nice. I’m trying to create something which starts with an equilateral and then when you move any of the points it stretches the content to create perspective – could this technique be modified for a shape with three points instead of 4?Posted by on Â·

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You've got to be kidding me-it's so transparently clear now!

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We could've done with that insight early on.

SZLan4mvDWk - mejl web   10:36:16 5.2.2017 - [262] - reaguj

So Gazan children must starve and die because a tiny minority of Gazan adults fire rockets? Tell me how that doesn’t at all resemble the flimsy logic by which Nazi Germany wiped out the Warsaw Ghetto because of the actions of “militants” there.

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I agree completely. I used the old Live Mesh beta which did a fine job without requiring both computers to be on and signed it to Live Mesh. But Live Mesh 2011 seems to have that requirement, which completely defeats the purpose, no? I’m on the lookout for a different syncing program.

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wilberfanMay 31, 2009Dude, this is such an awesome task you've set for yourself! I'm really impressed (and a little envious, truth be told). I love that we get to “go along” with you on these…I enjoy hiking alone–and I've probably stepped in all of those heuristic traps myself!Looks like you've learned some valuable lessons–let's stay safe! We have a lot more hikes to take!

yxjliIXPbJ9V - mejl web   08:17:51 7.2.2017 - [271] - reaguj

I always feel stunned after a projectile vomit sneak attack, its like it takes a minute for me to realize that its actually happened and I need to do something about it haha

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Geez, that's unbelievable. Kudos and such.

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„When a liberal democratic state requires its citizens — in the name of an intolerant religious “tolerance” — to accept into their midst a dangerous and violent political ideology disguised as a religion, then this liberal democratic state has gone off the rails.“That's one for the ages. Good show!

hux8nqTNn5 - mejl web   14:39:31 8.2.2017 - [277] - reaguj

AdministriviaAs I write this, there are 100 comments on this post, and things are starting to get unwieldy. I don’t want to turn into another , so is it worth starting another thread for the next round of comments?

WkiJpzoC8 - mejl web   15:05:56 8.2.2017 - [278] - reaguj

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Thank you Colin for sharing your experience with clay. I love it and find it really good for the skin. I played with a grade of clay rich in Sulphur and found it really good for acne and also dandruff (a little messy but really helped clearing dandruff)..May I ask you where I can find Cornish clay?Many thanksBarbara

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I am doing some work to port my STS implementation to .NET 4.5 and I have noticed two things are missing (probably intentionally) from the RequestSecurityToken class when compared to WIF.Firstly there’s no InformationCardReference field so how can I determine whether this is an info-card request?Secondly what happened to DisplayClaims?Many thanks,Adrian

Jcqnc1ckr9 - mejl web   00:42:43 12.2.2017 - [289] - reaguj

You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thanks!

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And to think I was going to talk to someone in person about this.

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Well put, sir, well put. I'll certainly make note of that.

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Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the bullseye!

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The ability to think like that is always a joy to behold

AnES1GvK1WTL - mejl web   16:36:05 12.2.2017 - [296] - reaguj

Finally, I did read the Homeland security ‘Insider” interview and how the WH is keeping up with all the blogs against this Obama administration, reports being reviewed by Val herself. All I can say is this: Hey Val, I just stated two (2) words for you and a hand sign supporting my words. Its not Rocket Science; we gave that away to the Russians. Maybe you call contact Putin and ask in the case your are dumbfounded……

3aKXQ3N3 - mejl web   01:23:20 13.2.2017 - [297] - reaguj

Do you have more great articles like this one?

BVUyXvXoL - mejl web   02:32:35 13.2.2017 - [298] - reaguj

Haha, j’adore le Tour de France ! Ca me permet de faire la sieste, de visiter ou revoir des coins de France bien sympathique et de glaner pleins de produits quand la caravane passe !

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If time is money you've made me a wealthier woman.

CjNnfJPdTT - mejl web   23:59:07 13.2.2017 - [301] - reaguj

to this day,“Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s Civil Rights laws, and every law that protects workers. Most recently, Democrats stood together to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act.On every civil rights issue, Democrats have led the fight.”THAT IS A LIE and to defend that makes one what…?

4m663kz7RTTn - mejl web   01:44:24 14.2.2017 - [302] - reaguj

An intelligent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

WWjexOau - mejl web   03:41:08 14.2.2017 - [303] - reaguj

No drinky drinky. Do you know what children’s music can do to you when you work on it for 7 hours straight? The guy at the pizza place was ready my delivery order back to me over the phone and I started clapping along and singing…”Clap your hands like a dinosaur if you love pizza…”

PIeEPSGV6M - mejl web   03:52:22 14.2.2017 - [304] - reaguj

Christian Winters, August 18, 2012 at 4:19 pm I like Kpop. They are priecy, yes, but the food is worth it. And the $25 is only for dinner, where they serve lobster and stuff. It’s about half that for lunch.

etBrDOG8nr7t - mejl web   05:26:25 14.2.2017 - [305] - reaguj

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Oh! How a wonderful dish, which I had made with you guys: The appetizer, tomato with tuna, attracted the super star, Madonna; The tomato, the sweetness, the tuna, the saltiness, the pepper, the spiciness; Mixed together have more flavour, after eat it become hyper!

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It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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wEbbiUG9UNG - mejl web   07:20:43 16.2.2017 - [321] - reaguj

An AA filter is there in the D800 and a watered down version of it is there in the D800E… it’s an important part of a Bayer CFA imaging system. If removing it is good, why would the manufacturers put it there in the first place?Sensors with the AA filter taken off can sometimes give more detail, if the AA filter was too strong in the first place. But removing it entirely will introduce artifacts (false detail) that on some high frequency textures will falsely give the impression of more detail.

udmm7hO4EQ - mejl web   08:54:09 16.2.2017 - [322] - reaguj

were so excited to see Liz and Daniel again. We had a great time with them during their engagement session… playing in the sand, goofing around with Luna (their furry child), hanging out at Station in

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I’m very happy to uncover this site. I want to to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you bookmarked to look at new information on your web site.

uqxsyK7KT - mejl web   21:11:44 16.2.2017 - [324] - reaguj

I appreciate it! I also agree with your thoughts on Twitter. What I like about it is that people can use Twitter in a lot of different ways: recipes, reviews, daily special, etc. It doesn’t always work but aside from the 140 character count, it’s really up to the user. I’m looking forward to meeting you at FoodieMeet next month, if not sooner!Thanks,Andrea

2kseM4vh - mejl web   22:29:55 16.2.2017 - [325] - reaguj

Eid Mubarak to you and your family -and yes your are right, this recipe was not one to tamper with. Especially when there is sugar heating involved. But alhamdulilah my family loved it, every bit of it was gone. They enjoy a jar of kalkals as well that turned out awesome and the cookies/buskut somali were all praised. I just want to say thank you and your husband! Jazaka Allah khair

PxYlAukY - mejl web   07:10:44 17.2.2017 - [326] - reaguj

· Oh, can I join the flat Feb group too? Mine is due to low energy levels post exhibition install. I think exhaustion might be the right word. I very much like your new bird friend and cat goodies too. xolj

h7x9g7VS - mejl web   09:56:13 17.2.2017 - [327] - reaguj

One statue (a very small one) fell off a shelf at our seventh floor condo at California and Van Ness. However, the Marina sank and burned. When my ex-husband arrived from work in Santa Clara we left and headed north to a motel for a few days.

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It has been a day of sorrow for me. First; Dr. Fred Stone, J.R. Church and now Pastor Wilkerson all within the last two months.I pray you will be one who will stand in the gap. We in the ranks have a small voice and although we pray earnestly, our voices remain silent to the masses. You however have been given a platform and you must continue to sound the alarm. Stand in the gap for those who have gone on before us – they have paved the way and now men of G-D; ARISE.!!…

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My experience Paul was working in network services at a university. The faculty basically thought they owned the computers on their desks and could do anything with them that they wanted, even to the point of bring the network down. And anything they decided to do, they expected us to support and make work, regardless of how incredibly bad it was. I agree that IT departments should listen to the needs and desires of their users. But they also shouldn’t automatically agree to do anything the users can imagine. Some things are just bad ideas.

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Did my tabata this morning before you posted the video so I just did the video on your focus on tabata post! It was awesome but Im going to try this one this afternoon. Thanks Gina!

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I think Schmutz was being more civilized than Dr. Siegel, and Schmutz presented a much better argument. But anyway, we’re not going to solve the world’s problems in blog posts. I think it’s very obvious to everyone that the current system doesn’t work, and it’s also obvious that much less than 50% of Americans are happy with health care now (instead of Dr. Siegel’s 89%). And the doctors who think that American Health Care should remain status quo are what I call “LUDICROUSLY LAUGHABLE LEECHES”. Take that William Safire!!! haha

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is an opportunity.  With one simple act – patronizing your local Chick-Fil-A â€“ you can stand up for free speech, the traditional American family, and your own individual liberty.  The same people that want to curtail your liberty are, by and large, the same individuals

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The fact that they don’t get everything right is sort of what Art was missing, Anne.And, no – I hadn’t seen the vegan piece. Thanks. I imagine the local foodies will be up in arms, though the story rang true to me – KC’s obsessed with meat. Look around you the next time you’re in public; chanes are 3 out 5 people around you will be mordily obese. People may talk a good vegan game but for the most part, that’s it – talk.

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, I don't like nationalism. It was the first step towards globalism. A century or so ago, nationalists were mainly concerned about eliminating dialectal and subcultural differences, in order to create a strong (and large) nation state.But words are words. If nationalism means anti-globalism, I can live with it.

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What a treat to get to hear and see Ilona talk about life and love. I wish she had her own REALITY show!!! Thank you for letting us get to know her.

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Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writing.

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((Hugs)) for the loss of your cat, she looks gorgeous. Having always had (been owned by)cats myself I know how they easily get into the hearts of their loyal slaves. Love those shoes.xxx

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Hello Qiu Qiu,I have been a secret reader of your blog but I decided to post today because we've got the same wedding date:) one more month to that change of status. I wish you and josh a blissful marriage and may God bless you two:)

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You are funny and ryt, they shld have gone to neutral country rather than countries that we all know are going thru their own bouts of extremist attacks. Hw are we not even sure that most of these suicide bombers are not trained from Mali.

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Martha – I just noticed on that FB page that on the event poster someone had asked what they meant by “pop music” and the Centro JAS person answered “what pop music means is that Elder Archuleta will perform songs from his own repertoire.” Now, granted, that’s run through Google & Bing Translate lol but it seems that David will be doing some of his songs? Or maybe some songs like on BEGIN that are inspirational?That’s cool! P.S. D’awwww that dimple! Miss it. <3

LFryam3dM - mejl web   09:47:06 26.4.2017 - [737] - reaguj

· Thanks for that comment, Kale. You’re right that a lot of times it’s only our own mindsets that are making hospitality difficult and the people we’re entertaining don’t mind at all—but even when they do, we can help show the truth that it’s not about our fancy spread or comforts by welcoming them warmly.

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That's the smart thinking we could all benefit from.

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Thanks Candace….your AMAZING! The pictures are better then I could have ever imangined…I know it was easy shooting Ashley with all of her natural beauty but thanks for the airbrushing for me! Ha ha! Jk! they look great and I can’t wait for the wedding.

cHT7hdXAsBxW - mejl web   18:15:59 2.5.2017 - [742] - reaguj

JC, will there be pre-paid parking available for SHU season ticket holders?How many season tickets has SHU sold?How many five-game plans packages has SHU sold?What are the Devils doing to give the place a Pirate Blue look on SHU game days?When will SHU get to practice on their floor?

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I don’t understand what they are wanting to accomplish, its a winter city for sure. We mostly hunker down when the weather is nasty and go out and enjoy whatever when it’s nice and sunny. Yes more should be spent on the homeless and not more on these silly tasteless festivals. Especially “winter” ones.

qUu0aFbUT - mejl web   04:21:47 3.5.2017 - [749] - reaguj

That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

QgrMjT5iO43t - mejl web   04:27:15 3.5.2017 - [750] - reaguj

3 types of meat in different cooking styles in 1 post.. yums!Btw, I was just complaining I can't seem to get a chicken (dish) photo taken well.. and look at your photo of the chicken dish! Gorgeous!

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AKAIK you've got the answer in one!

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Loren, Thanks for reminding us of opportunities and awareness. You're right that upon reflection, we are left to wonder, „What if…“ Mostly, I accept my choices and perhaps vow to try to do better at the next opportunity. Love Tom's portrait!

HYR77Y6vtltW - mejl web   20:54:47 4.5.2017 - [764] - reaguj

Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheered me up!

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Not all big lies are wholesome, and some fictions can be called ‚mass delusions‘.True… but I think the crucial thing is to know that fiction is fiction. If you really believe something when you are an adult, with power, then it is not a fiction. I was merely suggesting that children can occupy the privileged position of being allowed to believe in fictions wholeheartedly… for a short while.

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