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I have no idea what’s in the Queen’s handbag! But I would think the reason one she always carries one is that a handbag completes an outfit, at least in the very traditional sense (rather like how ladies would never leave the house without their gloves in the 18th century).

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I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after reading this.

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I love Octopussy too. My third favorite Moore, after TSWLM and FYEO. It's certainly not the most egregious of OTT Moore humor, either. I DON'T like the Tarzan cry, though! (Although I love TARZAN, but not mixed in with my Bond… except for Philip Jose Farmer… wow, that's quite a tangent!)

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Your post is a timely contribution to the debate

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That there is Andromeda is itself a conclusion from chains of reasoning, including 2+2=4 here and everywhere and not to be doubted.It is wonderful that you could doubt that 2+2=4 but have full faith in the convoluted reasonings of evolutionists and geologists that gave Cambrian explosion full 540 million years ago.

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This article keeps it real, no doubt.

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The honesty of your posting shines through

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The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

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That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

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Charlene I love your haiku! and I can’t wait for that garlic . . . Your comments are always so insightful – helps me to look at my work in a newer/different way. Thank you for that.

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I think you hit a bullseye there fellas!

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Data from FlipKey found that the average vacationer visits four vacation rental websites and inquires on seven different properties; travelers like to shop, and they’re always looking for a better deal. Just as there’s no harm in asking for a discount, it’s not necessarily a sign that your pricing is off.

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We could use another baby carrier (hubby thinks the pattern I got for the last one was too girly, so he won’t wear it, even though he did 99% of the babywearing up until then!) so I’d put it towards another Beco!

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If only senator Rubio has the courage to make a statement or ask the question whether he is a natural born citizen it will force the media to ask if obama is a nbc. But he is not as forthright as we thought he is. Most likely his priority is his ambition.Senator Rubio, rewards come with duties. Fulfill your duties and your oath to uphold the constitution, including article 2, and you will be rewarded.

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Everytime you post something Im blown away, that fantastic gazebo was amazing and now this, you are one talented lady, all the work in colouring those edges, you have the patience of a saint :-)Hugs Denise

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JEFFM………………………………………… Approaching the problem as a Civil Rights grievance makes a lot of sense. In escense it seems as though that is really what depriving someone of their Constitutional rights would become anyway. Civil rights under the Constitution.

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hm so… I liked how the book was written. With the switching POV and the journal. But… I still felt detached from the story and was sadly disappointed. Especially the ending was not how I had hoped for… Happy you liked it :))

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Basta fare una ricerca per immagini in google e si giunge al sito www.vg.no e all'intervista, come descritto nel post precedente. Vera, a meno che sia un sito di bufale (tipo quel magazine online portoghese che aveva inventato la storia della ragazza mortda dopo un orgasmo di 12 minuti)

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Stirling / Tamarra, thanks for quickly putting together this article. I, like many others, am anxious for any news on this matter. If fliers are created, or if there is a protest, it would be great to hear about that, too (and see photos).

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Well there probably aren’t many lakeside homes in Islington, so it must sound very high and mighty to one of the “people’s correspondants” from the classless BBC.   6 likes

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Kid"Superious quoted Lee Strathan a troll on Media Matters and a writer on Andrew Breitbart's blog Big Government. We all know what they did to Shirley Sharrod."Anyone with a pair of eyes knows that.Exactly why the anon-goobers and LAA are all hyped up.They're exposed once again.

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Im not that old, but i have been using the same statement to describe India to my friends where ever iv lived outside India… I’m glad to know im right for once : )

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I am a big big meatball fan and those look great! I have yet to stick cheese in mine- not sure because you have done a great job with them! The first photo of the pasta looks great too…

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It was a pleasure meeting you this morning at the Hawg N Sauce restaurant. I enjoyed talking with you and wish I could have talked with you longer. God be with you on your journey and I look forward to reading all of your blogs. It will take me a while to catch up though. Hope you enjoyed your cocoa =)

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Ok, I laughed so hard at these pictures!! What a funny little man!! Also, I have to agree with Karl, I too found it funny with Kellen wearing a “Daddy’s big boy” bib and then just sitting so quietly while Ami put a barrette in his hair!! LOLVery good pictures Tan – I love his hair with the curls, oh, so cute!! Aunty Kristy needs to come down and see you all soon, hopefully the weather will get better soon and the roads in better driving conditions. Then, I will come and visit KB

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i agree about the lo foul. it was nowhere near as malicious as drew’s. lamar didn’t take his shirt off in utter disrespect ala dennis rodman as he exited stage left. he admitted afterwards that it was the result of frustration.

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RE:  – ‘”If rates were at a normal 6 percent today those medians would be much much lower, capice?”HAHAHA – normal?… Is that because that was the interest rate when you first saw some hair on your nuts?….. talk about a blathering fool!… interest rates have been all over the map in the past. The Tim already showed us once before that 6% interest rates still leave houses quite affordable at today’s prices. It’s a factor sporto but it’s not everything..  – Rate this comment: 0  0

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above, “We must not give up,” and as Noor Elashi wrote five days ago, “no matter what happens in the next few days, let us not be brought down. Let us hold on to that patience and mercy as we keep moving onward.”So let’s make this thing happen. Take a few days to breathe, but start thinking now about what we need to do next.

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I had same problem and mine was not about sizes or wrong naming, if you are using IAM user`s credentials and its policy does not have access to call put command, it happens as well . Just as a note if there is no access to bucket at all , s3cmd will give auth error but you have some rights on bucket then it acts like that.

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So incredibly pretty, my friend! I'm in love with the child's room especially–that cupboard turned doll house is the cutest thing I've seen, I think… lovely!I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas celebration :) filled with new memories, love and joy! Thank you for the inspiration that you share, always…Warmly,Sarah

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r58Ddu9xk - mejl web   02:53:22 20.1.2017 - [139] - reaguj

HDDs aren’t that expensive these days. even for notebooks. I’d follow Patrick’s advice about backing up all the important data and use the laptop until the HDD fails or the entire system just stops working from old age and go from there.

6zx3fIMy - mejl web   05:13:16 20.1.2017 - [140] - reaguj

I agree — they are handling the constructive criticism very well. I just think it’s startling to them to have a parent who is swimming upstream on this one; I imagine that many other parents probably aren’t thrilled when things like this happen at school, but may not choose to address it for any number of reasons. My threshold may just be a bit lower than other people’s. But in the end, we’re all working towards the same result: a great, healthy educational environment for all of the children. I applaud the school staff for being willing to face the issue head-on with me and find solutions that work for everybody.

bYpWsxsXA - mejl web   07:57:49 20.1.2017 - [141] - reaguj

just wondering if you will be offering classes again later on in the year as I am off on vacation for you Class A and Class B….I love your images by the way! Do you ever come to Edmonton?

oVsIOySfs9 - mejl web   08:43:48 20.1.2017 - [142] - reaguj

congrats, Barb is the bees knees in childrens portraiture…looks like you are too!!! I just came home from my summer holiday, the sun must have sucked the creativity out of me, I wish I could have had my hands on this before I left x

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He isn’t delusional; he possibly just doesn’t know how to explain his experiences from an empirical perspective.A number of my own paranormal experiences contained elements which were independently verified by other people; sometimes multiple others, within experiences of their own. If Scott’s background isn’t scientific however, he very likely does not know to look for elements which could be verified in that way, himself.

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God, I love Sheriff Joe! He's so freaking tough and doesn't care how loud the Obots scream. LOL He won't be intimidated, I can guarantee you that. This investigation is just beginning! Woohoo!

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jg,I did you read Madeleine's post. Gee, She couldn't work because of her husbands job. She didn't leave her husband, he left her. I understand some of the men's anger here, but a few of you guys are too blinded by it. What do you want in a wife anyway?

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Roya,I often wonder what the background is of posters here; it would be interesting to know. I get the impression that most posters on this site are Jewish (from the US, Britain, Israel, etc), and that there are very few Palestinian or other Arab posters here. I could be way off, but the feeling I get when reading various threads is that it is a battle between liberal/progressive/enlightened Jews and bat-sh_t, wingnut Zionists.

A3Yqk5fkw - mejl web   01:25:28 23.1.2017 - [160] - reaguj

Here is the math for you,Moore’s Law: Computing power speed of 1965 compared to year N = 2^((N-1965)/2)If you plug in 2011, computing power speed is 268,435,456 times faster then in 1965.I guess we better keep up!

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C9i6CYRRg - mejl web   02:23:54 24.1.2017 - [165] - reaguj

October 29, 2011  – 8:01 am I used to get a lot of angry customer calls when working for big tech company managing a product. I used a strategy used by suicide prevention hotlines. I called it ‘preventing customer suicide’, which was a way for me to get distance and not have to be right/better/superior/etc. Listen, acknowledge the pain, respond with care. Even when no was the answer to the request (freebees mostly), customers were satisfied.It seems these technologies are often used as customer avoidance strategies rather than improving communication, a la the hated automated phone systems (at least I hate them).

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I really love the lifestyle approach you used. The shot where you pulled back on the bed is one of my favorites. So many great ones, though, that it is really hard to pick!

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Your kids and their costumes and punkins are all adorable. Great photos! Thanks for sharing The Walk of the Scarecrows. We'll have to try and see them. I'm a huge Richard Scarry fan so loved Lowly the Worm best. Happy Halloween!

zJpJkcS1n - mejl web   02:39:51 25.1.2017 - [176] - reaguj

What’s funny is that I phoned NBA League office, the person who answered admitted it was an assist, but since assists are “subjective” they cannot add it, they can only change an assist that’s already been credited.

G9c3rNBe3 - mejl web   02:47:45 25.1.2017 - [177] - reaguj

.Somehow they connected people not wanting cap & trade, bailouts and stimuli, or IRS health care to people who want to hurt federal employees. And they're the sane, reasonable ones?wv: berdise – where bears can sit in the river and catch fish all day, and the Dumpsters are always full.

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If Krillos has low name regognition outside of Monmouth Co. then Christie should get behind him sooner than later and start dropping his name so people will hear about him and start looking into him to see what he’s got as an alternative to Jersey politics as usual Menendez.

ngMTvRVNyRY - mejl web   21:37:44 27.1.2017 - [199] - reaguj

New Orleans native Wynton Marsalis plays the trumpet at the WTC this morning. The last bars of the solo are „Ain't Gonna Study War No More.“In that moment, I saw our history with the Negro race in this country. Now we are all Negroes,

u9wozZSf - mejl web   00:48:23 28.1.2017 - [200] - reaguj

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I will have to try that. I train/play at home and make my own training equipment – it’s lots of fun. My neighbor has shown interest in playing with me so I will have to try the side by side crawls and then use a soccer ball to make contact.thanks

dLyXhibeGFP - mejl web   15:14:35 28.1.2017 - [206] - reaguj

Aug13Rob These guys are amazing at their live shows. They play all around the Western US. I’d love to bottle up their creativity and snort it.Yo, ID, come back and play some more Vegas shows!!!

LV2XVGDJcpuJ - mejl web   21:13:08 28.1.2017 - [207] - reaguj
  • A great summary of an exciting year – very nice idea. I have used this as the inspiration for a retrospective of 2010 of my own work. You have a lovely selection of diverse work there – look forward to seeing the 2011 review!February 10, 2011 – 10:23 am
TIZ5v2vaAWPY - mejl web   23:46:37 28.1.2017 - [208] - reaguj

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Ah ok, now that’s interesting. Because I have learned this lesson with food and bookshops ie that too much choice is overwhelming. So perhaps that’s the solution – to give some illusion of choice while still retaining some control. That means however, having two separate, co-ordinating outfits laid out ready every day. I fear I am not that organised…

mjX6amKFrP - mejl web   09:31:10 29.1.2017 - [211] - reaguj

I think it’s parent and market-driven. The atmosphere now, in our test-happy society, takes us farther and farther from the deeper and wider ways children really learn. Kudos to The Goddard School!

G2PWZMp7 - mejl web   13:16:23 29.1.2017 - [212] - reaguj

LOL ‚undisputed educationalists‘. You should know of all people that the social sciences are based on ideology and if so then there is no ‚truth‘ simply a perspective. In this case yours happens to be on the wrong side of an argument.For every ‚expert‘ giving an opinion there are 5 more willingly to give a contrary one.

i2msbNZKMs - mejl web   20:20:18 29.1.2017 - [213] - reaguj

thanks mr t jemma jey has got her website up and running i have blogged on that as well so i am blogging on amanda’s blog as well as jemma’s so i will be jumping from amanda’s site to jemma’s blogging from graham holland

Z0Me2MIasFA - mejl web   21:38:41 29.1.2017 - [214] - reaguj

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ikhnM6QTez - mejl web   22:11:04 29.1.2017 - [215] - reaguj

Why is it I was excited about this dude until I read this “Apart from the fact that because of religious reasons he does not shake hands with women”. Really unbelievable for someone representing “Communications” in this great country. I sure hope it’s a typo…

5oTu4mITpOe - mejl web   01:23:49 30.1.2017 - [216] - reaguj

Hey C.L.!LOVE the organization! I and the wifey are both organizationally challenged and this could work well for us. Those are all available at Ikea? We may have to take a trip up to Minny. We are using pullout drawers and big buckets, but we still suffer from the „black hole“ phenomenon. Thanks for the inspiration!GregDodge Center, MN

j4CRoyjQtpZj - mejl web   02:42:17 30.1.2017 - [217] - reaguj

Heckuva good job. I sure appreciate it.

LXoqV5KxMbc - mejl web   04:38:28 30.1.2017 - [218] - reaguj

22May 10, 2012 at 11:08 am15fI didn’t say they shouldn’t make RPGs. I’m just saying they should’ve made a better project plan to make a better game. A game can fail because of the creator’s ambitious scope. When that scope is too huge for them to manage, then they may run out of time or run out of budget before finishing the project.f

3CI9XbsxPMN4 - mejl web   18:15:01 30.1.2017 - [219] - reaguj

Dear Admin, Can u plz let me know whether question paper for SGT Urdu will be in bilingual Urdu – English pattern as given in TET-1.Plz help me out.Thank u…

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Professor Peers – we understand that the Coreper agreed the 2 regulations and the deal with the Parliament on Friday, as you suggest. That's why they're off the agenda today.We also understand that the court is being discussed as an international agreement and not part of the EU framework which is why it is not televised. Obviously this is a fluid situation today and we are doing our best to provide updates on our website and on twitter. Interestingly M. Barnier is also tweeting (in French, inevitably).

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Gee, a beer with THIS president. What an honor – NOT! Poor guy (Meyer) probably had to [force himself to] share a brew with the idiot that cares not one iota about all military personnel.

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Oh Mary!I so love this Pink Saturday post. I love pink salmon. This frittata looks amazing. I am going to have to share this with my Moma when I go home the end of the month as my brother loves salmon, and she will have to make it for him. He would love it. Sounds and looks delish. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

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Yeah. Marco, like we’re really going to see condemnation of preferential employment and promotion of, say, Jewish porn stars. “Gentiles say we can get it up, too!”

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AMEN!!!! God is the only ONE who can bring about the rebuilding of this GREAT country. I say rebuilding meaning that I believe we are on a downward spiral as those great cities were prior to their demise. Bring back God to the young and back into schools!!! God Bless Ned…..

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20 CindyI definitely see your point and totally agree. For selfish reasons, I just wish they had gotten rid of the 55 and over rule BEFORE my parents waited, for what felt like an eternity, to get divorced, just so they could get that tax break. : )

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I agree with the other Eric that its difficult to put faith in Eminem’s views since he usually raps about his mom. Don’t usually see politics coming from Eminem. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely an excellent rapper. The song and the video are excellent and certainly have a strong impact.Looks like the animation used is similar to a rock video I’ve seen. I can’t remember the band but the song delt with Iraq and Bush sending troops.

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Hey CD,This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to hear what the police were hearing at the time without any Vincent Bugliosi interpretation. Again, thank you very much for putting forth this material. To properly set the stage, do you have the names/pic/bios of the interviewing police officers or Al Springer?

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To think, I was confused a minute ago.

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And I was just wondering about that too!

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Here is a female who re-read all Rings and The Hobbit when the movies came out. I first read them in high school in the 60's. Re-reading all of the appendix section in „King“ was so fabulous it sent chills down my spine.

RwKoc5ADP8K2 - mejl web   08:27:48 4.4.2017 - [618] - reaguj

Ah yes, a young gull. Lovely shots of the bird in flight. They are surprisingly big and one town in Scotland has set up a special gull force to scare them away because they're becoming violent.

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Gaat dit voor alle foto’s gelden die door ze op een website te plaatsen een ander gevoel kunnen opwekken? Andere context, en de foto krijg een andere dimensie.Het gaat hier toch niet om portretrecht? De geportretteerde kan bezwaar maken tegen de openbaarmaking, maar dit heeft de RVD zelf gedaan.

8Z4Y63vx3h - mejl web   18:06:50 4.4.2017 - [625] - reaguj

So far I like the game a lot, all those options in the skill system <BAnd puzzle quests are great too, so not everything is kill x, collect y.It also helps that it feels distinctive enough from WoW to have it´s own place, which was what SWToR lacked imho. (TSW reminds me a bit of SWToR sometimes ironically, but that´s mostly the ability cooldown animation)I am already thinking about a lifetime subscription, let´s see…

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Mound, off the topic I understand B.C coastal areas had a major earthquake. I hope your area is ok.In the Maritimes we are waiting for Sandy. It is hoped that it will lose its velocity by the time it reaches Maritimes. It looks that frequency of quakes and storms is on the rise.

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Good description of a huge trend, which Philip Jenkins tried to also describe in The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity. The trend is moving so fast–and the global south is becoming so dominant in Christianity–that it’s not enough to welcome the south to the table as peers. We must seat them at the head of the table and learn from them.

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